Medicare supplement plans are provided by private insurance companies to fill in the gaps left out by the Original Medicare. The Medicare Advantage plans are named A-N. Some Medigap plans have higher coverage and a higher premium. Whereas, some of them have a lower premium and you have to pay for some of the expenses by yourselves. Medicare publishes a booklet each year which depicts a chart defining all the changes the plans have incurred this year. They also depict the benefits you might get due to the selection of a particular plan. Enroll for Medicare advantage plans today.

All of the Medigap plans cover hospital costs fully and also part A coinsurance. The part B coinsurances are also paid by all the plans except plans K and L. Plan K only covers 50% of part B coinsurances whereas part L covers the insurances up to 75%. The first three pints of blood, that is in the case of blood transfusion are fully covered by all the plans except plans K and L. the plan K covers up to 50% of it and plan L covers 75% of this service.

The skilled nursing facility is an important feature and most of the plans do provide a 100% coverage of the nursing facility. They are an added advantage over the Original Medicare. Part B excess charges include the extra charges which are charged by some doctors and facilities in the network. The extra charges are covered up only by plans F and G. Most of the plans do cover foreign emergency travel and reimburse the expenses up to a total of 80%.

The most popular plans in the Medicare Advantage plans are Plan F and G. Both of the plans are somewhat similar and cover almost all of the defined benefits and advantages. They provide higher coverage at a reasonable price. This means they are not vaguely priced. There is also a high deductible version of plan F that provides a great deal to its customers.